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ALBUM REVIEW: Big Smoke – Time Is Golden


Time Is Golden is an often melancholic yet sometimes euphoric album, tragically shadowed by singer/songwriter Adrian Slattery’s diagnosis of terminal cancer and subsequent passing in May 2016, only weeks after he recorded his final guitar track for the record.

Widescreen Americana is the best description of this set of songs that take in Wilco, The War on Drugs, Tom Petty and The Jayhawks. The band are in glorious form with intricate rhythmic explorations and spiralling, adventurous and emotive guitar playing. That, combined with lush and vibrant production, makes the album feels like an immensely emotional journey – one that laments a loved one and celebrates life in equal amounts. The single ‘Best Of You’ is a beautiful sweeping paean to positivity which cleverly segues into it’s sequel – the brooding title track. Elsewhere, in the context of Slattery’s untimely death, ‘Kiss Me Once’ absolutely tears at the heartstrings with it’s chorus line “Could you please kiss me once before I’m gone”.

A fine and fitting tribute to a wonderful songwriter by his band/friends and one of the finest local Americana albums of 2016.

Chris Familton

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