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ALBUM REVIEW: Freya Josephine Hollick – The Unceremonious Junking Of Me


Born of a fractured and unsalvageable relationship, yet blessed by the birth of a child, Freya Josephine Hollick’s second album is a deep emotional record that sounds at times desperate and fragile, yet often also defiant and optimistic.

The album dials into a sound of pure, unadorned folk and lonesome country music. With just three players and pretty much recorded live to tape in Hollick’s hometown of Ballarat, VIC, there is a sense of connection straight to the core of the songs as she sings of pain and heartache. Timeless themes indeed, yet here they are suitably framed in traditional instrumentation and steeped in old-timey atmosphere, the history of folk and blues emanating from the deeply personal songs.

Hollick’s voice is the perfect vessel to accompany the music. A soulful warble and gentle twang inhabit her sweet melodies that sing of dark times and for all the weight of the stories on this highly accomplished album it ends up feeling like a strangely comforting listening experience.


tie off


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