Justin Townes Earle (1982 – 2020)

November 25th, 2008 at the Annandale Hotel in Sydney Australia. That was first time I got to see Justin Townes Earle live and like so many others in the audience that night (as discussed with friends new and old over the ensuing years) I was transfixed by Justin’s performance.

In my review I said “Eyes gleaming and darting across the front row, neck veins bulging, he launched into the songs with a frenetic urgency, delivering lines that were often at double the speed of the the recorded versions on his debut solo album The Good Life. He was either hunched like a Dickensian villain over the microphone or shuffling and dipping his way across the stage.” –

I got to meet him and shake his hand at the merch desk while getting a copy of The Good Life signed. I also got to interview him twice after that. First in 2009 and then again in 2017. He was always a gentlemen, always refreshingly raw and honest.

JTE was the definition of a modern troubadour – writing, singing and performing songs about his life and perspective on the world, taking it to the people via countless tours. Much love to Love Police for bringing him to Australia and NZ. So many great memories at his Sydney shows at the Factory Theatre, The Basement, The Lansdowne, Metro Theatre and the Annandale Hotel.

From The Good Life to The Saint Of Lost Causes – Mama’s Eyes, Christchurch Woman, Harlem River Blues, Memphis In The Rain, They Killed John Henry, White Gardenias… Thanks for the music JTE.

Watch the full Annandale show here:

2017 Interview –

2009 Interview –


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