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NEW MUSIC: Robert Connely Farr – All Good

It’s great to see Robert Connely Farr has a new album comin’ round the bend next week. We were really taken by his LP of 2019, Dirty South Blues, and everything we’ve heard so far from the new one, Country Supper, has sounded mighty good!

Farr is a Bolton, Mississippi bluesman who has a knack and skill for blending the traditional with the modern world. He can conjure up both the brains and the brawn of Drive-By Truckers and the stripped down rough and ready spirit of masters such as Howlin’ Wolf or RL Burnside.

It sounds like we might be lucky to have him here still, with a cancer diagnosis and emergency surgery last year. ‘All Good‘ hits a low-slung dark and snaking groove, like JJ Cale getting roughed up by ZZ Top. It’s a brilliant exercise in restraint and atmosphere.


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