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NEW MUSIC: Chris Larcombe – Sweet Cheeks

This is just hands-down superb playing from Chris Larcombe, a young guitarist out of the UK who made the wise decision to head for the sounds of country music when he first heard the telecaster of the late Byrd Clarence White a couple of years ago.

‘Sweet Cheeks’ is a classic country instrumental written by Mr Nashville himself, Lloyd Green. Lloyd played the song on pedal steel, but here Larcombe is trying something different. “I’m playing the main melody instead on a B-Bender telecaster. I’ve tried to give a more modern take on the song with the effects used and production, while still maintaining the charm and bounce of the original. Overall, it’s just a feel good tune..!”

It sounds like he’s having a blast playing it too. The only other track he’s released is another equally fine cover, of Buck Owens’ ‘Buckaroo‘. Boy he can bend.


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