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NEW MUSIC: David Garnham and the Reasons to Live – Holding Pattern

I’m a big fan of David Garnham‘s music; the way he can dial into straight and true folk music and then shift gears to the open highway of an alt-country song with his band (the Reasons to Live) in full flight. The latter is perfectly executed on this new track, ‘Holding Pattern’.

The song swaggers and swirls on the toughness of the rhythm section and some damn good guitar playing that has just the right mix of grit and dust coming out of its six strings.

“This song was written while I was literally in a holding pattern above Brisbane airport (location of airport not relevant),” says Garnham. “It was one of those songs that was started and finished in 20 minutes. I’ve only had a couple of those ever. The song itself isn’t about sitting in a plane, but it got me thinking about a mate of mine who was in a really destructive relationship at the time. Upon reflection I see it’s also about a shitty relationship I was in years ago, so writing this was kind of like therapy.”

I’m smiling in a shitstorm”


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