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VIDEO PREMIERE: Hillsborough – Comin’ Back For You

Meanjin/Brisbane duo Hillsborough back up their excellent 2022 single ‘Trouble Finds Its Way’ with another freewheeling gem in ‘Comin’ Back For You‘.

Electricity and twang rattle and roll their way through the song as Phil Usher and Beata Maglai hitch a grainy black and white ride on a train. The film stock perfectly suits the grittier, almost rockabilly feel of the new single as Phil sings “But if this train don’t make it through/I’m still coming back for you” over the rousing mix of percussion and heavily strummed guitar that propel the song down the dusty, clattering tracks.

It’s another impressive example of Hillsborough’s songwriting and the ability to blend ragged alt-country with hazy and melodic cosmic country sounds that nod equally to The Replacements, Neil Young, West Coast psychedelia and the countrified streak that ran through indie rock bands such as Buffalo Tom.

Named in tribute to a region in Western Queensland where Phil’s family have been living since the late 1800’s, the pair have also added Glen Russell (double bass) and Jonathan Pickvance (drums) to their live shows, ahead of the release of their full length album later in 2022.


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