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ALBUM REVIEW: Matt Joe Gow – Between Tonight & Tomorrow




Now four albums and nearly 15 years into into his solo recording career, Naarm/Melbourne-based Aotearoa/NZ artist Matt Joe Gow has constantly exhibited an ability to make subtle and compelling improvements to his songwriting.

That pattern and upward trajectory continues on his most rewarding album to date. An album that breathes, sighs and exalts with passion and compassion, diving deep into matters of life & death, and navigating the rough terrain of the heart and soul.

The subject matter is universal (loss of loved ones, pandemic separation), yet Gow has the ability to make it personal, channeling his own experiences into those greater themes. ‘’Til My Whole Heart Bursts’ is perfectly rendered with astute and exuberant spirit and soul, the equal to an imagined co-write between Jeff Tweedy and Grant Lee Phillips.

The title track offers a darker approach, draped in melancholy, loss and longing, it conveys those motifs with real gravitas, like Ryan Adams when he was at his peak. ‘Go Ahead, Celebrate’ adds a soul feel akin to The Black Crowes, while the single ‘Sweet Collapse’, one of my favourite singles of 2022, is overflowing with sweet melodic reward.

Raw and direct, the album possesses a rich tapestry of tales, tasteful and heartfelt performances. Imbued with elemental Antipodean alt-country stylings, Gow’s world-class songs show once again he is essential listening.



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