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NEW MUSIC: Fallon Cush – Useless Friend


Sydney band Fallon Cush have a brand new album Bee In Your Bonnet coming out on May 20th and here’s the first and very fine single from it – Useless Friend.

On their third album they’ve continued the refinement and evolution of the Fallon Cush sound by introducing a more alt-country, wide-open-road feel to the music. Guitars slash and swagger with more abandon and the mood is often darker. Smith’s instinctive way with soaring melodies is still as infectious as ever but the band have found a way to imbue them with just the right amount of grit, ragged edges and free-wheeling, widescreen production. You can hear The Band, The Byrds, Bob Dylan and Ryan Adams in the DNA of the songs as Smith details love won and lost, doubt, indecision and realization. Fallon Cush have found the perfect combination of hook-laden song craft and organic, timeless musicality.

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 10.25.36 AM

tie off


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