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ALBUM REVIEW: Cat Canteri – Inner North

cat canteri

Singer songwriter Cat Canteri has been slowly been building herself an impressive career that now numbers three solo albums. The sense of patience, self-determination and the evolution and refinement of her songwriting makes Inner North her most rewarding record to date.

Canteri’s ability to drift between styles is a real strength and the way she does it so seamlessly is a testament to her versatility. Primarily this is an album of contemporary folk music, both electric and acoustic yet it also draws on indie rock and pop, country music, jazz and languid blues. Opener ‘The Only One’ is as ragged as she gets, with her ringing Ryan Adams-styled guitar, balanced by her warm and rich vocal tone. Canteri’s singing is prominent in the mix throughout the album and it impresses with dips into deep soul on ‘Remember The Time’ and pure rollicking country on ‘How Crazy I’ve Been’. One of the strongest moments on the album is the exquisitely presented, heart wrenching tale of ‘Bridget Agnew’. 

Reminiscent of the sound of Joan Armatrading, Eleanor Friedberger and the occasional flash of Joni Mitchell, Canteri has created a wonderful sonic snapshot of Melbourne’s inner north, past and present, through the eyes of the people that inhabit it.

Chris Familton


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