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NEW MUSIC: Old Kerry McKee – House Of The Rising Sun


When a genuine old soul inhabits a voice it conveys genuine emotion and a lived-in rawness to the sound of a song. That was what struck us when we heard this version of  ‘House Of The Rising Sun’ by Swedish gothic folk and blues musician Old Kerry McKee.

McKee has a history in punk and metal and you can hear that in the way he approaches a song like this, even though it’s stripped back to its raw essence. He imbues it with frantic energy and expose nerve endings, flayed and frazzled. His playing is impressive – percussive and full of downhill momentum. It’s the voice that seals the deal though, damaged and worn, bent and misshapen, it blends perfectly with his playing and paints a sense of desperation throughout the song.

For fans of Wovenhand, Lift To Experience, raw acoustic blues.

McKee is recording his new LP this month. Stay tuned for more new music.

tie off


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