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NEW MUSIC: John Burnette – NYC Babe



Hailing from Nashville, TN, here’s a song about NYC from singer-songwriter John Burnette. It has the beautiful lines “New York City are you doing alright, do you taking your pills?” and “He lost her in a lucid spell he was trying to preserve. Now they’re standing on the salt flats, babe, disappearing at the edge of the earth.”

His style (in his words) combines the lyric driven descriptiveness of classic folk and country, the technical challenges of jazz and classical, and the grit of his home between the Delta and the Ozarks and this track comes from a new release called Parlour One which came out on May 20th.

tie off


3 thoughts on “NEW MUSIC: John Burnette – NYC Babe

  1. I’ve had the opportunity to hear John live on numerous occasions. He is extremely talented. He has a unique sound, incredible technique, and soulful lyrics. He is one of my favorite up-and-coming artists.


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