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NEW MUSIC: Loris and the Lion – Eat Me Alice

Here’s some bewitching and baroque English folk that possesses hints of Kate Bush, Aldous Harding and Joni Mitchell. Loris and the Lion (songwriter Georgia Harris and musician/producer Rich Bond) create a rich, shape-shifting piece of hallucinogenic Albion folk.

What begins as an ornate and sparse sound is gradually transformed as elements are added to the arrangement and the pair dive down the sonic rabbit hole, through psychedelic and dark folk landscapes.

‘Eat Me Alice’ is a song that ruminates on the experience of growing up in a world where female identifying people are bombarded with society’s misogynistic expectation and highly sexualised messaging. Drawing on the classic yet unnerving children’s story Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, the song incorporates many direct quotes from the book, exposing and lending new meaning to the story in a digital age. In doing so it draws many parallels with the transition into womanhood in a world where a patriarchal idea of female identity is thrust upon them by the media. 

“I got the idea for this song from chatting to a dear friend about how portal fantasies are often used as a metaphor for female adolescence. Like many girls I grew up with the story of Alice and have always felt strangely compelled by its dark surrealism and its psychedelia! When I re-read the story in my early 20s it was like every sentence had a double meaning and I wanted to explore this disjunct between the often prettified hyper-innocence that glazes depictions of girls and the slippery, threatening and overtly sexual expectations that are braided into them, especially as they edge towards ‘the cusp’ of womanhood.”


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