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NEW MUSIC: Fenn Wilson – Love Again [video]

Melbourne songwriter Fenn Wilson returns with his first new single since the release of his Ghost Heroin album in 2019. It’s a deeply emotive song, crafted initially from sparse instrumentation before swelling into a dark and richly textured, country-folk slow burner – built on Fenn’s soaring croon of a voice.

Now signed with Cheatin’ Hearts Records, run by Thirroul Music Festival Founders Luke Woods (On The Beach Series) and Aaron Curnow (Spunk Records), Fenn wrote the song for his mother, after the passing of Fenn’s father, the acclaimed Australian bluesman Chris Wilson……I wrote Love Again for my Mother after the passing of my Father a few years ago. It’s about the time after losing someone, when you ask yourself “Will I ever have that again?” or “Will I ever love again?”. It’s also, in part, a question posed to my Dad’s song You Will Surely Love Again. Although the song is very personal to me and my family, I feel like the question is universal; anybody that has lost something, or someone, has felt that sudden absence and has wondered if it will ever be filled. Although the subject is heavy, it offers moments of catharsis and hope, as these feelings rarely last and we all eventually heal.


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