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NEW MUSIC: Tyler Key – Wild Azaleas

Tyler Key (Athens, GA)has just released his album Wild Azaleas And Other Tall Tales, making this song the title track of sorts. I just love this kind of sound – that rolling country rock sway, burnished by a warm and melodic vocal that winds its way through the verses and lifts into a gentle anthem of the heart and family affairs in the chorus. Great playing (love that guitar solo) and a top song all round.

“I grew up in the deep south, and though I’ve got some good working class parents, I always wanted to know them when they were younger, just to see if we were anything alike. Maybe it’s just that southern stoicism or it could be that having kids changed them completely, but I could never get a full picture of who they used to be. So I made it up and put them into this song, where even in the last verse there are things about his father that the narrator won’t be able to find out. There’s always more to the picture than meets the eye.”

Wild Azaleas And Other Tall Tales is out now soon streaming services and Bandcamp.


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