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Following on from his excellent 2020 album Hey Stranger (and a subsequent single and EP), CJ Stranger has released the soaring and intricate new single ‘You May Run‘.

At first glance it’s an upbeat folk rock sound but it quickly reveals multiple layers and dynamic twists and turns. The rhythmic strumming is reminiscent of some of Jeff Buckley’s songs while the drumming and vocals suggest an English folk-rock influence, thrust into the present with added synths.

There are Fleet Foxes textures and an overall, lightly-applied cosmic patina to the song that manages to sound both immediate, intimate and gloriously widescreen and adventurous.

As CJ explains, “‘You May Run’ began with the opening phrase ‘You will stumble, you will fall, forgiveness is a wrecking ball’ ruminating on the idea of forgiveness being a destructive force for good in relationships and the world. In the studio it then grew into a layered piece with massive 6/8 drums and multi-tracked vocal counter melodies, and jangly layered 12 string guitars.”


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