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NEW MUSIC: David James Allen – Scarecrow & Do What Fits

Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada songwriter David James Allen is a man for all seasons. He cites some of his skills as graphic artist, DIY record producer and poet and he clearly takes that polymorphic approach with his music; effortlessly blending country, folk, psych and pop sounds into a wonderful kaleidoscopic sound that could easily exist in any of the last six decades.

‘Scarecrow’ is the darker and moodier of these two tracks, both of which appear on his sophomore album Radiations, out Nov 6th. This track forges a sense of unease and foreboding, with some excellent guitar squalls to match the subject matter. Allen describes his song as “an eerie jam that sets the stage for discussions on the climate. I wanted to write a song that consisted of strange characters and an atmosphere that is haunting, chaotic and anxious to reflect the reality we are facing here on Earth. I wrote this while I was working as a farmhand at an organic farm in Prince Edward County. I spent a lot of time tending the fields and observing the insects, birds and the ecosystems that thrived on the fields and crops. There was a lot of rain that year and found myself in discussions with the lead farmer who had been working these fields since he was a young man (he was in his 70s or 80s and still working the fields when he could) about how farmers were impacted by climate change and biotech. I wanted to try to bring some of these ideas into song.”

As Allen explains, ‘Do What Fits’, complete with a great laidback groove and backward effects, is a “laid back feel good song about embracing the things in life that bring you joy and confidence. Whatever it may be. Seeking out hobbies, passions, interests that allow you to be the best version of yourself. It’s about waking up every day and actively seeking out things that enrich your life and foster positive self-image, not financial richness but emotional richness.”


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