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NEW MUSIC: Robert Connely Farr – If It Was Up To Me

This killer tune from Robert Connely Farr had us straight from the opening lines… “If it was up to me I’d burn this fucker down, hit the road and not look back on this godforsaken town.” His delivery – burnished and brusque, forlorn and on the wrong side of good intentions – is perfectly placed.

The slow and weighty song sounds like it’s being dragged through the last drink at the last bar in town. Heart on sleeve stuff indeed as Jay Bundy Johnson sublimely steers his drums through the song and the guitars of Farr & Jon Wood chime and wind around each other with wiry, electric intent.

‘If It Was Up To Me’ comes from Farr’s brand new album Country Supper. Check it out, it’s top-shelf alt-country, steeped in blues and the kind of poetry that makes heroes in our scene.


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